“At first glance, as we turned into the meadow, I knew this was a special place. I will treasure our time here and long remember the beautiful forest walks we had – truly a paradise.” JoAn G.

Raleigh, NC

“Our stay was wonderful. Our pattern was to tour by car in the morning and walk in the afternoon, finishing the day, of course, on the terrace with a good bottle of wine. We dined out and cooked in equally, and I made good use of your herb garden. There was a sense of sadness in leaving, something that is often not the case on a trip. Thank you for creating such a special place.” Joe P.

Tuscaloosa, AL

“Despite the fact that ‘sudden prayer makes God jump,’ I couldn’t restrain myself from slinging one heavenward at seeing this lovely place in such a superb setting.” John T.

Yorkshire, England

“We’ve been here two and a half days and feel totally transported to another world. The house is so comfortable and tastefully done. Everything we might need is here. The Perigord Noir is breathtakingly beautiful and Gaurenne is a jewel.” Mollie C.

San Francisco, CA

“We have spent 3 weeks in Perigord Noir, seen majestic castles, ruins, enchanted forests, caves, visited old churches, picture postcard villages, countless marchés, eaten cèpes from the woods and fresh eggs from your neighbor, dined in style at the Centennaire and other Michelin starred restaurants, but nothing gave us more pleasure than coming back to Gaurenne, taking a swim, and sitting outdoors to dine.” Kapi & George G.

Great Neck, NY

“We’re the luckiest of visitors – we had a month at Gaurenne. For some that would be just enough time to visit every chateau, tour every grotto, sample every restaurant. That is, to use Gaurenne as a base of operations for a vast tourist expedition. That is not us. And if there is any advice we can pass on, it is: Don’t overlook the joys of just being …here.” Jesse K.

New York, NY

“We have traveled extensively in Europe – always renting houses and apartments along the way. This farmhouse is the most beautiful. I can only say that it feels like a little slice of heaven on earth. If I could live here, I would be content and at peace with the world.” Steve and Julie K.

Lincoln, CA

“Our expectations were high, but they were surpassed by the experience. The house and property are lovely, but your thoughtful instructions, advice, emails, and follow-up telephone call enhance it all, providing a sense that we are more guests of a wonderful host than mere renters.” Paul and Adele K.

Great Barrington, MA

“We loved the flowers, the walks, the ripe pears in the orchard, dining outdoors with the scent of honeysuckle on the gentle breeze, the nocturnal sounds with the owls apparently in charge, the sunrise across the meadow dispersing the valley mist as it rose, the stars at night.”

Ross K.

New York, NY

“Our stay exceeded our expectations and thank you for being such a pleasure to deal with! We have rented many places and this was by far one of the best experiences!” Rebecca M.

Vancouver, BC Canada

“We have rented houses in many parts of France over the years and have never found one as perfect as this house high on the hill in the Périgord. In putting this house together, Judith has thought of everything.” Joan & Huntley B.

Wilson, WY

“I can honestly say that this is the first time I have truly wanted a holiday to never end. Normally at the end of 2 weeks, although you’ve had a great time, you’re ready to go home – this time we didn’t feel at all ready!”

Nathalie T.

Fareham, England

“The hay has been cut and rolled into neat balls, the cherries are almost ready to eat, the pool a perfect temperature, your garden lovely, and a little fox came by while we were having breakfast.” Joan B.

Portland, MN

“How thrilled we were when we drove up the track, got to the top of the hill and looked down on that beautiful house in the middle of the field. When we got down to it, we just walked around taking photos from every angle, it just looks so magical and exceeded my expectations. During our stay we only ate out one night and loved the terrace table. We would have loved to have had another week there, next time!” Suzanne M.

Unley, South Australia

“Ross and I haven’t had such a relaxing and magical vacation in a very long time. The images of Gaurenne don’t do it justice – the flowers, the pool, and the house reflect the love and care you’ve given them. We don’t want to leave.” Grace K.

New York, NY

“Thanks for the perfect combination of country peacefulness and simple but elegant comfort. The place itself and its setting is a balm for the urban soul.” Ruth L.

Brooklyn, NY

“This was the best. Perched alone on a hilltop, it is a breathtakingly beautiful 300 year old farmstead with gorgeous views and a pool. The farm is equidistant between Les Eyzies and Sarlat (15 minutes each) and within one hour of many, many attractions. Marquay is a small hamlet 5 minutes drive away. I really liked the utter privacy of this location. There are no neighbours. There are fields with cows and forests full of birdsong. Sunsets are gorgeous and dinners on the terrace are wonderful. Hiking is excellent with opportunities to see foxes, rabbits, and deer and the tracks of wild boar. Much safer hiking than where I am from! The farm has great wifi too!” Tim P.

Tuscaloosa, AL

“Every time we came home from our adventures, we felt very smug to be staying here. Never went out to a restaurant. We couldn’t bear leaving the sunsets, the bats and owls show, and the stars.” Mike & Mary T.

New York, NY

“Our family had a wonderful week here. It’s so beautiful. We love the honeysuckle with its fragrance and the hummingbird moths that attend it. The stars at night and the meteor showers – inspiring. We saw pheasant, woodpeckers and flycatchers – of course lizards and magpies. I, however, found the yellow jacket to be quite rude, having spoiled a perfectly good glass of Percharment by swimming in it.” Steven M.

Seattle, WA

“I’m looking out of the window at the cows grazing in the meadow. What a scene! What a place! It meets all expectations – and then some. We had our first meal on the terrace, and it was perfect.” Sharon & Stuart S.

McLean, VA

“my name is Sage and i’m 8 years old. my stay with my family was great. the best part of my stay was swimming in the pool, going to markets (by the way the markets in the black book were really good) and going to the castle Beynac. i had a great stay! i love france.” Sage C.

Toronto, Ontario

“Our most pleasant stay is reflected in how much we didn’t do. We chose to stay around your most beautiful farm doing as little as possible, the cows in the meadow providing just the right bucolic touch.” Dick M.

Santa Fe, NM

“Your house is so lovely, so finely appointed, and so architecturally sensitive to its surroundings that is was an aesthetic pleasure! I miss the linen sheets, the cows mooing softly at night, and the bird calls in the early morning. As I am remembering it now, it was like a dream.” Elizabeth C.

Pittsboro, NC

“Our only regret is that we didn’t book 2 weeks as we had no idea that there was so much to do in the Dordogne area. You have created a very special place in the world and we so thankful you shared it with us.”

Mary Anne & Don Y.

Los Altos, CA

“We hate you! We stayed here so we could look for house to buy and now we’ve fallen in love with your house!” Sarah K.

Kent, England

“Now, at the end of our stay, we feel at home here and will be homesick for the farmhouse when we leave.” Wendy & Chat R.

Shreveport, LA

“For so many years, I have imagined a stay in France just like this – only I could not have conjured up the actual beauty of your farmhouse, the surrounding fields, orchards, the herb garden for dinner, and the woods with the enchanting borie stone hut. We rarely left the house before noon. Instead we lingered over coffee and breakfast to watch the changing light on the fields and trees, read a few pages of a novel, and breathe the splendid air.” Tim B.

Boston, MA

“If we had a country place in France, it would be exactly like this.” Karen, Alex, Andrea and Christopher H.

Montreal, Canada

“The obvious attraction of Gaurenne is the options it offers to guests as a base for exploring the pre-historical, historical and gastronomical attractions in the surrounding region. We were additionally intrigued by the openness and humor of locals we met and shared some entertaining moments in surrounding hamlets… even over a bottle of liquor which, according to one long retired farmer, had been standing in the cupboard since his marriage 50 years earlier! I’m ready to believe it!” George S.

Duncan, BC Canada

“What a glorious spot in a truly beautiful setting. We have loved our week here filled with excursions to caves, castles and a myriad of towns and hamlets. We’re already discussing how we can return next year.” Dennis C.

Belvedere, CA